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Everything you wanted to know about the misadventures of a hoary, surly server wrangler who hung up his hat and decided to try to tell stories to entertain others.

I have no idea what I'm doing, but when has that ever stopped me?
B.D. Landis

Not Yet an Award Winning Author

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B.D. Landis was born in Alaska, then spent his early life growing up in the forested hills of the Pacific Northwest, sparking a lifelong love of nature and the outdoors. His family moved to Southern California when he was a child, exposing him to a rich tapestry of people and cultures. He later moved back to the Pacific Northwest to attend college.

A lifelong tinkerer, he spent the next twenty years working in IT and IT-adjacent roles. In 2020, he and his wife moved back to Southern California. Eager for a career change, he retired from IT and began exploring other options.

You can occasionally find him on Mastodon here.
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Best Author Awards 2012

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August, 2022

It Begins

I sat down and decided to write the intro to a short story. That intro became the foreword to my first book, The Ocypete.

May, 2023

Rough Draft Complete

After a long process of learning how little I knew, I finished the rough draft of The Ocypete in May, 2023.

August 2023

First Book Published

The Ocypete was published on August 5th, 2023!

December, 2023

First Novella Published?



World's #1 Bestselling Author?

You never know.

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