These are the collected works of B.D. Landis, including available books and projects currently under development.

New Release

The Ocypete

In the late 29th century, humanity has seized control of its own evolution and begun to explore the galaxy. An enormous interstellar vessel undergoes its seventh mission to a far off star system, but something goes catastrophically wrong in the transit. The ship is all but destroyed; the few survivors are scattered and disoriented.

The Ocypete tells the story of that ship and those survivors as they scramble to piece together what happened, why, and whether there is any chance of rescue.

New Release - Short Story

The Biogen's Lament

The Biogen’s Lament is a short excursion into the history of two characters you’ll meet in The Ocypete. In 2714, 146 years before the novel, construction begins on the Ocypete as its heart is forged and its primary keels are grown. Theresa and Marcus, the first successful pairing of a human and implanted intelligence, lead the construction as they enter a new phase in their lives. It’s a joyous, career-capping moment, but not everyone has their best interests at heart.

More Books

The Biogen's Lament

A short story set 146 years before the events of The Ocypete, as two people work to build the ship as they face their own transformation.

The Ocypete

B.D. Landis' first work, and the beginning of the Beacon Field series of novels and stories.

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