Weekly Update – 23 June, 2023

It’s another weekly update! Let’s get right into it:

Here’s the short list:

  • Work on The Ocypete’s cover is proceeding nicely.
  • The second edit is over halfway done, and so far, it’s been minor changes.
  • I fleshed out a timeline for release, including internal dates for the cover to be revealed, pre-orders of The Ocypete on Amazon, and when I’ll open the shop on Landisbooks.com.
  • We have 3 beta readers, I’d like to find 2 more if I can!

Cover Art

The artist gave me some drafts of the concept I chose, and we hammered out a few minor tweaks to it, as well as getting into the book’s spine and rear cover. I’m extremely pleased with how it looks so far! I can’t wait to show it off when it’s done!

Second Edit

The second edit is well past the halfway mark. Why 42% in the graphic? Because the edit is on paper right now, and once it’s done, I have to merge the changes into the manuscript. That will take a little extra time, but it’s speeding up the edit process itself by 50%. Additionally, seeing the pages in a different format (physical vs. screen) tricks your mind into seeing it differently! Both the editor and I have caught things we missed in our initial passes and subsequent read-throughs.

We’re optimistic that we’ll be able to have the second edit complete and incorporated before we go on our trip (July 2) so that we can…

…release the entire book to Beta Readers!

That’s right, the beta release is IMMINENT. It could be as soon as a week for the entire thing to go out!

“But I’m not a beta reader,” you might say. Well, there’s a fix for that! Swing by the Discord Server and give a holler, I still want to find at least two more beta readers! If Discord isn’t your thing, you can also send me an email (bdlandis at landisbooks dot com!) or use the Contact Form to drop me a note. You don’t need any fancy qualifications; just a sincere desire to read the book and offer your honest feedback about it as you do. I even have a little guide to help you figure out the kind of things I’m looking for. It’s a great way to involve yourself in the project!

If, for whatever reason, we don’t get the entire book finished for the beta readers, we’re going to release the first HALF of it to them before we go on break, then release the other half after we get back; that way they can get their reading started while I’m away and I’ll have some feedback to work with when I return.

Short Story – The Biogen’s Lament

The Biogen’s Lament has been written! I completed the draft last night and the test reads went very well. It needs some very minor editing and should be ready to ship in short order!

We plan to knock that editing out as soon as possible so that we can get it up on Amazon for you all. If we’re able to move quickly, it will be up for sale on Amazon this coming week, in time for beta readers to read it before they dive into their copies of The Ocypete.

What is The Biogen’s Lament?

The Biogen’s Lament is a short excursion into the history of two characters you’ll meet in The Ocypete. In 2714, 146 years before the novel, construction begins on the Ocypete as its heart is forged and its primary keels are grown. Theresa and Marcus, the first successful pairing of a human and implanted intelligence, lead the construction as they enter a new phase in their lives. It’s a joyous, career-capping moment, but not everyone has their best interests at heart.

More info to come about The Biogen’s Lament! If you aren’t already subscribed to the newsletter, please consider it! The freshest news about releases will always happen there first. You can sign up to receive updates here! (https://www.landisbooks.com/notify-me/)

Travel Soon!

Also, as I’ve mentioned in passing a few times now, I will be traveling for the first two weeks of July. I still plan to do an update next week, but after that, things will go quiet for two weeks, but as you can see above, a lot is going to be moving in the background. When I get back, we should have a date for the book’s cover to be revealed, as well as a release date!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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