Welcome to LandisBooks.com!

There’s a lot to do still before The Ocypete is ready for publication, but I finished the rough draft over the weekend. We’ve begun the process of editing, we have an artist beginning work on the covers for the books, and now, we have this shiny new domain name with fully working email, a working shop, and all the trimmings!

Now… I just need some graphic design to make it look presentable. That’s definitely not something that’s in my wheelhouse, but for now, this will have to do.

We’re going to be updating this site pretty frequently for the next two or three months as we gear up for publication and release; so expect things to move and break. I’ve already managed to bungle the permalinks well enough that I can’t get the php rewrites to work like they should (and do on our other personal site.) That’s a battle for another day.

In the meantime… welcome! I hope this little place grows as we delve in and explore the universe of the Beacon Field!

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